3rd Ave. & King St. Dawson City

Josee Savard and
Philippe Lamarche

Klondike Kate’s Newsletter

Over the last few years, you may have noticed a few things changing at Klondike Kate’s. We are all buzzing with excitement as we become more conscious of where our products originate. It’s not just about providing you with a richer, more authentic overall dining experience. It also helps us stay true to our ethics. On top of using our regular local food suppliers, we are sourcing out new options for the items we bring up from the South. For example, we are working towards being Ocean Wise certified to provide only sustainable fish and seafood on our menus.

We believe eating certain species of fish is harmful to ocean and river environments. We now know that we can switch to seafood that has a much lower environmental impact but is equally delicious. We still compost 50 percent of our kitchen waste and recycle everything we can to cut our impact on our landfills. Plus, all of our take-out containers and even our laundry soap are now 100 percent biodegradable.

In the back

Proprietors, Wade Lamarche and Josée Savard, have been busy in past winters gathering new ideas and working with other businesses to try to understand how to see Dawson City from a tourist’s perspective.  We don’t just want to attract people to Kate’s, we also want to attract people to Dawson City as a destination. Exploring the world during the winter months always helps Wade and Josée find inspiration for what tourists might be seeking from a visit to Dawson.

Helping us move towards our goals and vision is chef Jeffery Mickelson, who has returned to Dawson and Kate’s after several years away. Jeffery has kept busy the last three years, working on organic farms in England, grinding out the big city kitchens of Chicago and running a special event catering kitchen in Ottawa. Along the way, he picked up a lot of back-to-basics style cookery skills, like charcuterie (curing, smoking meats, sausage making etc.), unique butchery, offal and whole beast cookery, wood-fired pit-style BBQ, plus preserving, brewing and fermenting. With these new-found skills and experiences, he has returned to us and is working closely with Wade and the kitchen staff to make our customers culinary experience unforgettable. Of course, he and Wade have also been foraging for fungi and other delectable collectibles more than ever before!

We have started Twitter and Facebook accounts this past summer to keep guests more up-to-date with Kate’s than ever before. We have also picked up some wood-fired smokers that are producing the most amazing smoked meats we’ve ever tasted.

You will definitely want to try our pulled pork, if you haven’t already. The flavour of the slow-cooked pork shoulders smoked with birch is to-die-for! Making bacon is becoming a bit of an obsession for us, and Sunday brunch has never tasted so good! Everyone in the kitchen this year is pitching in to make our food as good as it can possibly be.

We accept all feedback, and would like to continue to provide you with the best experience possible. After all, if it wasn’t for our valued customers, none of this would be possible.