“Dawson City Is in the Middle of Nowhere and That’s Precisely Why You Should Go There”

– GQ Magazine, August 2017

Dawson City is a unique place, even as far as the Yukon’s unique places go. Permanently tied to the gold rush of the late 1800s, the City of Dawson (as it’s called) is technically a town.

Year-round, tourists and Yukoners alike flock to Dawson for its culture, history, quirks, and events. As many are drawn by its rustic, historic charm and connection to remote areas of the Yukon, our accommodations are designed to have modern amenities while reflecting the character of Dawson.

Dawson City Attractions & Activities

Dawson boasts attractions and activities for people of all interests, ages, and family stages. Get deep into the wilderness at Tombstone Territorial Park. Bring your family for Dawson City Music Festival. Take a road trip here with friends to try the Toe Shot, and then stay with us to cap off the experience.